Useful Information About Sex Toys

What material should I choose?
Is it dangerous to use a vibrator? What do I do if I am allergic to latex? Here are answers to most of your questions when it comes to sex toys ...
What vibrator should I choose?
One important thing to think about is that we all are different. A vibrator that gives your friend incredible orgasms do not have the same effect on you. You must think about whats most important for you on the basis of size, desire vibration or not, material, shape and the like. Expectations are the basis for the choices you make. Whatever kind of vibrator, dildo, clitoral vibrator, penis ring or vagina you fall for, be shure to use lubricant with the product. It makes it all a more fantastic experience. You can read more about lubricants here.
Different materials
Sex toys are made of different materials, and if you are curious about the differences and benefits you may want to read further. When choosing your sex toy, the material play an important role. Considering there are hundreds of models to choose from, there should be something for everyone ...
Our products is not harmful to human health or the environment.
Phthalates in sex toys
We can assure you the products we bring into our database are approved. The study done on the health hazards of using sex toys concludes that normal use is not hazardous. Particularly susceptible people, as pregnant and lactating women, have a higher margin of safety and should therefore limit the use of sex toys made of PVC.
Proper cleaning of sex toys is important
The biggest health hazard of intimate toys is not keeping it clean. Wash the toy with lukewarm water and intimate soap before using the product for the first time. Always wash before and after use. In addition, it is smart to use a vibrator cleanse. It removes bacteria and disinfect the product. The toy should be kept in a platstic bag, so it remains clean and dust free until the next time you use it.
If you use the toy anally you should always wash well and disinfect after each use. Never use a toy anally and then insert it into the vagina. (If it is desirable, use a condom when the toy is used anally)
Sharing sex toys with others
Sharing a dildo or a vibrator, we recommend using a condom. A sex toy can transfer infection and sickness. Wash and disinfect before lending it away. Because of the risk of infection we do not sharing sex toys with others.
Here is a list of the most common materials sex toys are made of:
The biggest advantage of using silicon as a material is that people with sensitive mucous membranes and various allergies can use it entirely without risk. It also stops the non-porous surface bacteria from penetrating the material if one is a bit careless with the wash.
The silicone gradually warmed to body temperature retains the heat longer. The soft texture becomes velvet smooth so you avoid friction when using a lubricant on it. Sex toys made from silicone are often slightly more expensive but lasts longer than many other materials. Silicone washes easily and can be sterilized with vibrator cleanse. It can also be boiled or washed in the dishwasher. (This does not apply to toys with electrical components)
Cyber ​​Skin
This is a fairly new material. The mixture consists of silicon and plastic. The feeling you gets by using products made from this material is absolutely sensational. It is an incredible lifelike material and feels almost like real skin. Cyber ​​Skin products are perfect for anyone who wants "the real thing".
Because Cyber ​​Skin material is more appliant than other types of material, it is important to be especially careful about hygiene in these products. Always use the vibrator after washing to sterilize the toy. Allow the product to air dry before deflates a little cornstarch powder. This helps to keep the material soft and delicious. Cyber ​​Skin does not contain PVC, phthalates or latex.
Jelly toys are made of a non-toxic rubber material that provides flexibility and mobility, yet is firm enough to be used in dildos and vibrators. The material allows for a wide range of colors, and how the toy feels. (If it is soft, hard, rough, smooth, etc) Because manufacturers produce Jelly toys in so many shapes and models, its many to choose from. It is perfect for both first-time users and advanced users who are looking for something new. Because Jelly material are somewhat porous, one must be careful of washing the product.
Hard plastic toys causes vibrations easily and will gladly give the user a pretty intense feeling. Hard plastic is easy to clean but the material unfortunately has a short lifespan. Sex Toys of plastic can provide a hefty first time experience and is often a cheap investment.
Latex and rubber
Latex has been critisized due to the increase of latex allergies worldwide. If you or your partner react to regular condoms you should also steer away from toys of latex. Choose either a product made of silicone, Cyberskin, hard plastic or pyrexglass.
Vibrators made of latex are often cheap alternatives, but a smart investment if you are uncertain about sex toys in general. They come in many varieties and sizes but take into account that these toys tend to have a slightly shorter lifespan than products made of other, more expensive materials. Latex and rubber products tend to have a distinctive smell when you open the packaging, but it fades away.
Pyrex glass
This type of glass is incredibly strong and it doesn`t break or shatter. Pyrex has a smooth, hard surface and the material takes up both cold and heat. Put the dildo in the fridge if you want a cold sensation, or put it in hot water if you like it a bit hotter ... The product is a bit more expensive, but the lifespan makes up for the price. Only one small drop of lubricant makes the product ultra smooth, moreover, it is very easy to clean. The hard surface makes it impossible for bacteria to hide somewhere and you can put it in the dishwasher. (But steer away from detergents as these can irritate the skin and mucous membranes using).
After use
It is wise to always clean the toy before you put it away after use. Let it air dry and put cornstarch / Talc on those products who should have this. Before putting it away is a thumb rule of thumb that you take out all batteries, that way you ensure that both the toy and the batteries last longer. Irr in the battery housing is often one of the reasons why the toy doesn`t work the next time.  Always store the toy in the box it came in, or a blank plastic bag.
Congratulations on your new toy, we hope you enjoy it. For the toy to last it must be treated properly. Here are some great tips on how to do this.
Before using it
When you receive a toy from our online shop, we always recommend that you clean the toy before using it. The reason being possible dust particles from production and transport packaging. Start by reading through the manual. Clean the toy with lukewarm water and mild intimate soap. Be careful not to get water in the engine compartment or any wire connection. Pat dry with a soft cloth.
Batteries / charging
If you bought a toy that uses batteries, make sure you have fresh set of batteries. If you mix new and used batteries you may damage the product. Avoid powerful batteries or rechargeable batteries, as these can be too strong for the toy. Use ordinary batteries, for example from Panasonic or Duracell.
If the product is rechargeable, read the manual on how the charger works, and how long the product should charge the first time. Never use the toy while the product charges.
After use
Always remove the batteries from a battery-driven toy when not in use. It prolongs the life of the batteries, and the toy. In addition, it prevents the possibility of rust and leak of battery acid.
Clean the toy after each time, so that it is free from dirt and bacteria. Bacteria is a natural part of life, but an imbalance of bacteria can cause fungal or vaginal infection. Bacteria in the urinary tract can also cause urinary tract infection. Proper cleaning of the toy prevents imbalance.
You need to clean the toy, whether if it is a penis ring, dildo, vibrator, vagina, anal plug or another type .
Remove the batteries and make sure the outlet is not in when cleaning the product. Remove lubricant debris, dirt and liquid from toy with lukewarm water and a mild intimate soap. Never use something stronger, as soap residue can cause irritation next time you use the toy. Have you bought a vagina it will most likely have a hole through the opening at the end, so let the water run through it.
Once this is done, put on a thin layer of antibacterial gel. Vibrator Cleaning can be purchased in our online store.
Toys made of lifelike materials like Cyberskin, Loveclone, Realistic Skin, Fanta Flesh and the like may seem a bit sticky after cleaning. These products should insert with Talcum powder or Maisenna flour. The powder helps to preserve the elasticity and prevents the moisture to enter the pores which corrodes the material.
After use in water
If you have a toy that can be used in the shower, it is still important to dry the product so it lasts longer. Dry the product, and open the battery compartment lid. Take out all removable parts and batteries, and allow these to air dry to avoid condensation in the battery compartment. If you have a rechargeable toy that can be used in water, you can pat it dry with a soft cloth.
Put the toy back in the box it came in, or a plastic bag. Bags with color / print may contaminate and discolor the toy. Be aware of putting several toys in the same bag, certain materials react can with each other and the material melt. If this happens the toy is broken and should not be used. Therefore, keep all toys separately.
Dispose of a toy
Sometimes it is necessary to get rid of a toy, because the product has been worn or damaged over the years. If the toy has stopped working shortly after purchase, you should contact our customer service.