Orgasm Guarantee

WE GIVE YOU orgasm Guarantee
Cupido Sex Shop continues to provide orgasm guarantee on all vibrating sex toys!
Cupido Sex Shop has years of experience with sex toys, and our skilled staff will help you find the right product. Our desire is for you to find the toy that will give you the experience you dream of, an open mind often finds new pleasures.
If you do not achieve orgasm with a vibrating toy from us, you have a 30 days return warranty. The warranty applies to all our products. Our employees will guide you and together you can find a product that works better for you. 
What is an orgasm?
An orgasm is an abrupt discharge of accumulated sexual tension. It evolves through rhythmic muscular contractions in the lower abdomen. This causes a series of very delicious emotions, closely followed by a relaxed feeling. An orgasm can last anywhere from a few seconds to almost a minute.
Some orgasm tips
Tip number one is to know yourself and your body. to know. Experiment and don`t be afraid to touch yourself. Knowledge is power, and by reading, seeing and asking you can obtain lots of knowledge and inspiration to get both more and better orgasms.
Orgasm comes when you have been excited for a while, so find a place where you can relax and be happy. Start with teasing, teasing and cuddle so your body recharged. As many as 75% of all women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, so breathe deeply to get the maximum amount of oxygen to the body.
Focus on what you will be doing. A vibrating sex toy and a good lubricant can often be of great help on the path to orgasm, or a more powerful orgasm. Let yourself get carried away and enjoy the feeling!