Home Party

Home Party, or a dildo party, are very popular. Therefore, we introduce some innovative Home Party concepts that gives you a possibility to earn extra money. Work part time or full time, the choice is yours.
What is a home party?
A home party is a nice gathering with your close friends, colleagues or a club.
How does it work?
Gather your friends for a pleasant evening and order your products in a calm, fun and positive environment. Have refreshments and something to drink for you friends.
Are there any expenses?
It dosn`t cost anything to host or be a part of a homeparty. But hopefully your guests will love and buy your products.
The Host
As hostess you get a little extra: You will be able to earn 25 % of the sum your girlfriends are shopping for. Your comission will be paid within 5-7 days after your sales has been recorded in the online shop.
Some themes that can be added to a home party if you want:
• How do I choose the right sex toy?
• How do I get an orgasm?
• He is coming too quick, what can I do about it?
• How does an orgasm cream work?
• How does vagina eggs work?
• What is a penis ring?

Get more information about Home Party, please contact: homeparty@cupidosexshop.com


I am a Full-time Yoga Instructor and part-time Home Party Hostess. I am hosting
4 to 5 sex toy parties every month and make between 1100-1600 Euro extra monthly"

- Eva L Hamilton